I was researching the financial efficacy of installing solar panels on my house and dropped an e-mail on their site. I had done some prior research and checked out my monthly avg power consumption, cross referencing it the tiered charge system here in CA and also did some quick estimates on the possible breakeven points on a system

Barukh called me and discussed my options. He surprised me by being very straightforward and actually recommending that I don't install one due to my low power usage (kind of the same conclusion I had come to, but I didn't have the latest cost of installing panels so I wasn't quite sure).

It is very refreshing when you have a business/company that is concerned on a win-win situation for both parties. Baruhk and I had a more detailed discussion but he basically looks out for his customers concerns and needs. This is the kind of company that I have no trouble recommending my friends to.

Colin T. Fremont, CA